niedziela, 4 marca 2012

[INFO] Special OPS 2? :)

Hi guys! :)

Today i started working on Special OPS 2. Missions will be more exciting, there will be no more police (XD) and of course i'm trying to make missions more realistic.

So, i started about 1 hour ago, and i have these missions done:

-''Operation Thunder Run'' - You are Sergeant Miller, and you need to help your team and Cpt. Frost in the forest. You operate tank in this mission :).
-''Operation Air Thunder'' - Second part of first mission. You are once again Sergeant Miller but now you operate Helicopter and you need to kill all the terrorists in the city.
-''Operation Thunder'' - Third part of first mission. Once again as Sergeant Miller but this time you join other Marines and you kill terrorists in the city (On feet :D)
-''Swimming Sniper'' - Kinda' boring mission :D. You just hop in to the Predator and you swimm to the LV to kill the targets with your sniper rifle. Then you just meet with your team.

So that's all for now but i'm still working ;)

I think you would like the second Game :D

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