niedziela, 1 września 2013


Hi there! ;-)

I'm back after a HUGE break (seriously, HUGE. I mean... HUUUUUGE. It'd be about year and a half right now :D), and i got San Andreas up and running ;-) . I decided to make DYOM missions again, just for fun, while i wait for GTA V to come out :-) . I got two missions done already, but i won't be showing them now... not yet ;-) .

Thanks for patience, and if you're still looking stuff up on my blog, or even (that would be most generous :D) playing my missions... that might be a happy day for you, as it is for me ;-)


środa, 30 maja 2012

[REL] San Andreas Special Forces (SASF)

So here it is... Finally ;D

First of all - thanks for all the modders that made those beautiful skins and models... And animations. They did very good job so ALL CREDITS (about 50%) are going to them. So basically, thanks.

Some screenshots at the top though...

First of all - that's just three screenshots from first mission which is actually really awesome when you play it. So, download my missions and enjoy them! THANKS! ;)


wtorek, 29 maja 2012

[W.I.P] San Andreas Special Forces (SASF)

So... Finally my GTA works and i'm able to do missions once again! :D

So i started yesterday, and i'm still working today with my new project - San Andreas Special Forces.

First of all... WHAT WILL YOU NEED:

(P.S: I did not make this stuff. This thing are made by professional modders that i respect and that i give credits too. I'm not a stealer!)

Frost's V4 Soldier Animations

Diego4Fun - Bourne Conspiracy Divandelen Heavy B

Diego4Fun - Bourne Conspiracy Euro Mercenary

Trento - GIGN Skins


1. Frost's V4 Soldier Animations
Basically, install for Frost's V4 Soldier Animations is very easy. If you have IMG Tool you will do it no problem. First of all copy ped.ifp from Frost's Animations and put it into your GTASA Folder\Anims\. Next thing that you will need to do is to put rifle.ifp and python.ifp to your GTA3.img. If you don't know how to do it, check out IMG Tool tutorial on Google.

2. Diego4Fun - Bourne Conspiracy Divandelen Heavy B

Very easy. If you know how to use IMG Tool, just replace the files to swat.txd and swat.dff.

3. Diego4Fun - Bourne Conspiracy Euro Mercenary

Next easy one. The thing that you need to do is to replace the files as swomt.txd and swomt.dff or something similar to that (i don't remember).

4. Trento - GIGN Skins
First of all download the pack ''GIGN'' at the end of the post (Trento Mods). When you are done with downloading extract files on your desktop. You have a couple of files there is gignd.txd and gignd.dff. Change them to army.txd and army.dff and replace by IMG Tool.


Now you just need to wait for me to finish my project and you are indeed ready to go, ready to play this awesome missions. I will take some screenshots too, so you will see they are cool. Thank you, and get ready for epicness!

poniedziałek, 9 kwietnia 2012

[NEWS] GTA SA EXE Stopped Working and 350 Blog-View's

Hi, guys! :)


First of all i want to say that i have 350 blog-view's now! Thank you very much guys, i hope you enjoy my missions! ;D

And second thing is i think i will never be able to make missions once again. Why? Because my GTA SA crashes by last couple of weeks (or even months). I tried everything... Always the same error appears...

GTA SA.exe Stopped Working

So what should i do? I tried to:

-Uninstall all my mods that i had installed
-Put clear gta3.img to models folder
-Uninstall my GTA SA User Files Folder and gta_sa.set
-Put new crack in my GTA SA folder

Nothing of these helped. I think that i tried even more than that, but still - the problem remains. So... I think i will need to end all of the stuff that i do, that i did and that i wanted to do... Until the problem is solved.

And no, i can't reinstall the game because i don't have the CD anymore... ;(

That's all i want to say for now. If you have any bright ideas that can help me to solve my problem - please write in comments or on my youtube account - HERE

sobota, 10 marca 2012

[INFO] Special OPS Anims V2 by dsJonas96!

Hi guys! ;)

I just want to say that dsJonas96 edited Special OPS Anims by War Zone! You guys really need to check it out! Epic Anims! ;)

Here you go, link to the topic on his blog: Special OPS Anims V2 By dsJonas96

If you want my missions more realistic, download this anims and install it! ;)

Thanks, ds! ;D

piątek, 9 marca 2012

[REL] Time of Heroes - Chapter I

Hi guys, how are ya? ;D

Today i finally finished first chapter of my new secret project - Time of Heroes.

Questions (if a question that you want to ask is not here, ask in comments):

Why are you doing all that sh*t? Because i can and because i like to do that ''sh*t''.

Why you don't give us any movies and screenshots from your DYOM missions? My DYOM crashes when i turn on FRAPS.

What the game will be about? About War like most of my games. But i put more effort in it so i think you guys will like it!

What other games would you like to publish/create? Probably after ToH i will start Lost Angelz story.

So what this new game that you publish/create will be about? We will see because for now i can just say it will be set in Los Santos/Los Angeles and it will be about gangs xD

I don't like this game that you will publish/create... So? If you will play then you will probably like it and if not - that's not my problem. I'm having fun doing DYOM and you guys (most of you) are having fun playing it! ;)

Ok, so let's get on to downloading! ;)

P.S: If you have all the mods for Sandman, Forst, Diver and Marine from MW3 [from Special Ops and Special Ops 2] you don't have to download anything else. If you want you can download Huey from Black Ops and replace it on Maverick 'cause i used it in game :D.

Download link:


Resources link:

Topic Link [Resources for Special OPS 1 and 2]

poniedziałek, 5 marca 2012

[REL] Special OPS 2 - Part 2 of 2 + [INFO]

Hi guys! ;)

So here we are, last EVER game from ''Special OPS'' series. So don't worry there will be no more Special OPS :D

I added Makarov model and i made my own evil character which is Chenkov. You need to kill him. And i added Price too :D.


-''Chenkov Breaching Time''
-''Like Old Times''

I know that's short but that's the end of the story! :D. And second thing is i just got excited about my new project in DYOM so much ('cause i imagined every single detail xD) and i wanted to finish Special OPS 2 as fastest as i can and start my new project :D.

I added two skins to the part - Makarov and Price. So you need to put it in your game in Spark or IMG Tool :).



Oh sh*t guys, i nearly forgot! xD I have some Assassin's Creed III videos and informations for ya! ;D

Assassin's Creed III - Debut Trailer [OFFICIAL]

New Settings and Character Details Revealed!

Ok, that's all! Thanks guys! ;)