piątek, 9 marca 2012

[REL] Time of Heroes - Chapter I

Hi guys, how are ya? ;D

Today i finally finished first chapter of my new secret project - Time of Heroes.

Questions (if a question that you want to ask is not here, ask in comments):

Why are you doing all that sh*t? Because i can and because i like to do that ''sh*t''.

Why you don't give us any movies and screenshots from your DYOM missions? My DYOM crashes when i turn on FRAPS.

What the game will be about? About War like most of my games. But i put more effort in it so i think you guys will like it!

What other games would you like to publish/create? Probably after ToH i will start Lost Angelz story.

So what this new game that you publish/create will be about? We will see because for now i can just say it will be set in Los Santos/Los Angeles and it will be about gangs xD

I don't like this game that you will publish/create... So? If you will play then you will probably like it and if not - that's not my problem. I'm having fun doing DYOM and you guys (most of you) are having fun playing it! ;)

Ok, so let's get on to downloading! ;)

P.S: If you have all the mods for Sandman, Forst, Diver and Marine from MW3 [from Special Ops and Special Ops 2] you don't have to download anything else. If you want you can download Huey from Black Ops and replace it on Maverick 'cause i used it in game :D.

Download link:


Resources link:

Topic Link [Resources for Special OPS 1 and 2]

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