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[REL] Special OPS 2 - Part 2 of 2 + [INFO]

Hi guys! ;)

So here we are, last EVER game from ''Special OPS'' series. So don't worry there will be no more Special OPS :D

I added Makarov model and i made my own evil character which is Chenkov. You need to kill him. And i added Price too :D.


-''Chenkov Breaching Time''
-''Like Old Times''

I know that's short but that's the end of the story! :D. And second thing is i just got excited about my new project in DYOM so much ('cause i imagined every single detail xD) and i wanted to finish Special OPS 2 as fastest as i can and start my new project :D.

I added two skins to the part - Makarov and Price. So you need to put it in your game in Spark or IMG Tool :).



Oh sh*t guys, i nearly forgot! xD I have some Assassin's Creed III videos and informations for ya! ;D

Assassin's Creed III - Debut Trailer [OFFICIAL]

New Settings and Character Details Revealed!

Ok, that's all! Thanks guys! ;)

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