piątek, 2 marca 2012

[REL] Special OPS Resources

Hi guys! ;)

Today i started my new project. It will be kind of a game (about 20 missions i think ;) ) about soldiers. You gonna play as Grinch, Forst etc. ;)

So i think you will really like this :D

But first you need to download few skins and animations. Downloading and installing it to GTA SA is very simple and if you don't know how to do it, just search on Google or Youtube.

After you download all of this, you just need to wait for me to release the first mission of the game :).

Ok, so there is nothing more to say, just download and put it in! ;)


To play the game you need to download some skins, there ya go... link:

Special OPS Anims

Skin Package - Grinch, Frost etc. ;)

Marine Corps SKIN - Replace it as a ''bfyri.txd'' and ''bfyri.dff''.

Sniper Recon - Replace it as a ''bfyst.txd'' and ''bfyst.dff''

Ok guys, thanks for downloading and wait for more! :)

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