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[NEWS] GTA SA EXE Stopped Working and 350 Blog-View's

Hi, guys! :)


First of all i want to say that i have 350 blog-view's now! Thank you very much guys, i hope you enjoy my missions! ;D

And second thing is i think i will never be able to make missions once again. Why? Because my GTA SA crashes by last couple of weeks (or even months). I tried everything... Always the same error appears...

GTA SA.exe Stopped Working

So what should i do? I tried to:

-Uninstall all my mods that i had installed
-Put clear gta3.img to models folder
-Uninstall my GTA SA User Files Folder and gta_sa.set
-Put new crack in my GTA SA folder

Nothing of these helped. I think that i tried even more than that, but still - the problem remains. So... I think i will need to end all of the stuff that i do, that i did and that i wanted to do... Until the problem is solved.

And no, i can't reinstall the game because i don't have the CD anymore... ;(

That's all i want to say for now. If you have any bright ideas that can help me to solve my problem - please write in comments or on my youtube account - HERE

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