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[W.I.P] San Andreas Special Forces (SASF)

So... Finally my GTA works and i'm able to do missions once again! :D

So i started yesterday, and i'm still working today with my new project - San Andreas Special Forces.

First of all... WHAT WILL YOU NEED:

(P.S: I did not make this stuff. This thing are made by professional modders that i respect and that i give credits too. I'm not a stealer!)

Frost's V4 Soldier Animations

Diego4Fun - Bourne Conspiracy Divandelen Heavy B

Diego4Fun - Bourne Conspiracy Euro Mercenary

Trento - GIGN Skins


1. Frost's V4 Soldier Animations
Basically, install for Frost's V4 Soldier Animations is very easy. If you have IMG Tool you will do it no problem. First of all copy ped.ifp from Frost's Animations and put it into your GTASA Folder\Anims\. Next thing that you will need to do is to put rifle.ifp and python.ifp to your GTA3.img. If you don't know how to do it, check out IMG Tool tutorial on Google.

2. Diego4Fun - Bourne Conspiracy Divandelen Heavy B

Very easy. If you know how to use IMG Tool, just replace the files to swat.txd and swat.dff.

3. Diego4Fun - Bourne Conspiracy Euro Mercenary

Next easy one. The thing that you need to do is to replace the files as swomt.txd and swomt.dff or something similar to that (i don't remember).

4. Trento - GIGN Skins
First of all download the pack ''GIGN'' at the end of the post (Trento Mods). When you are done with downloading extract files on your desktop. You have a couple of files there is gignd.txd and gignd.dff. Change them to army.txd and army.dff and replace by IMG Tool.


Now you just need to wait for me to finish my project and you are indeed ready to go, ready to play this awesome missions. I will take some screenshots too, so you will see they are cool. Thank you, and get ready for epicness!

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